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Release Notes for Version 4.3.1

January 2011

  • Fixed a problem that base scenario in xml configuration created from template doesn't have a executable flag; see trac ticket #28 (Thank KirillMueller for the patch)
  • Fixed misplaced building_type_id and zone_id field of building_sqft_per_job table in san_antonio_zone sample data (Thank JinShi? for pointing it out).
  • Enhanced GUI tooltip to show value and inheritance information for node (Thank KirillMueller for the patch)

December 2010

  • Re-organized model and UPC modules directly in opus_core into models and upc sub-directory
  • Moved estimation and simulation to opus_core from urbansim
  • Merged generic_model_explorer with opus_core/simulation/model_explorer
  • Moved tools/start_estimation and tools/explore_model to opus_core from urbansim
  • Fixed a bug that causes an xml project unable to load in GUI when the expression library of its parent project contains duplicate variables.

November 2010

  • When using RunManager? a random seed is generated for each simulated year and saved together with the configuration in the services database. Thus, when a run is restarted, it gets the same random seed as an uninterrupted run.

  • Enabled to create map indicators of changes (using the opus_core indicator framework) when using an indicator script. Map parameters and base year can be passed through the script.

October 2010

  • The use of scipy.ndimage is replaced by opus_core.ndimage to address int64 index type error in scipy 0.7.0 and backward compatibility issue in scipy 0.8.0.
  • Added a GUI tool to import csv data to opus.
  • Fixed a GUI Tool importing error for by changing value of path_to_tool_modules node.

-- LimingWang - 18 Jan 2011

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